Idriss Tirado is an ethnically ambiguous Los Angeles and New York based and represented beauty, eyes, hands, lip & lifestyle model known for her unique features and elegant hands. Since discovering a passion in beauty and parts modeling, she continues to aspire to be the best at her craft. Her motto in life is to love what you do, love how you do it and let success be your noise.

Clients: Amazon, Apple, Avon, Bare Minerals, Bath & Body Works, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bounty, Bud Light, Bustle, Chase, Chobani, Citi Bank, Cosmopolitan, Costco, Dasani, Denny's, Diet Coke, Duracell, Essence, Elegant Magazine, Elle, Estée Lauder,  Estee Edit UK, EZ Flow, Fenty Beauty, Home Goods, Lactaid, Laruicci, Maybelline, Maxus, Marie Callender’s, MCM, Nail It! Magazine, Nail Snaps, OOB Magazine, Olay, OPI, Pepsi, P&G, Ted Carpet Manicure, Red Lobster, Refinery 29,  Revlon, Sally Hansen, Samsung, Sephora, Scratch Magazine, Smirnoff, Sprite, Starbucks, Steve Madden, Target, TD Bank, Vogue Beauty, Vogue Magazine, Walmart, Walgreens, Zarbees, & many more. 


Ethnically Ambigious Los Angeles and New York represented beauty & parts model *

Cooking Experience *


Natural Nails Hand Model *

Stop Motion Experience 

Table-Top Experience *

Swatching Experience *


Glove: 8.5

Ring: 7.5

Skin Complexion: 

Honey Bronze





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